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Do you have bare walls in your home, office or commercial space – colorless and lifeless?

Are you missing a unique statement piece in your sanctuary?


I’d love to help you change that!

If you

…are a lover of original art, modern, colorful and sophisticated,
…want to decorate and beautify your home or office,
…are not quite sure how to choose the right meaningful art,
…have never bought original art before… or you love to purchase large original art or have a smaller budget in mind…

Don’t feel intimidated!

Hey, I create unique, original art in different styles, materials, colors and color combinations. Just because you are not an experienced art buyer that does not mean you can’t have an inspiring, sophisticated, unique piece of art – one that stands out and makes a beautiful statement in your home, office or retail space.
I even can create an original commissioned painting just for you.

That’s where I come in.

I am Jasmin Langsch, a German artist living in the Metro Detroit Area and I create affordable original art for the modern art lover enhancing their beloved space. I am a mostly self-taught artist who has been called the “Queen of Color” and “Social Butterfly with an impressive sense of composition“, but at the end of the day?

My most important goal is to create another piece of art — touching, unique and breathtaking, so you get to experience that “I can’t believe I own my unique piece of original art!” feeling every time you walk past your painting.

From abstract art to modern paintings with a twist, I create beautiful art in brilliant colors. All my paintings are united by strong vivid colors in a beautiful arranged composition – peaceful nature, inspired ocean art, rooted trees, lovely alliums and stunning color-infused cityscapes  that change atmosphere and your mood and make a statement.

Join me on my adventure of creativity, color and healing.
I’m sure you will be delighted as you explore my art,
look behind the scenes and be creative with me.

As a subscriber, you’ll receive special sneak peeks at new artwork and my creative process, inspirational quotes and as a special gift, the story behind my art.

I am currently working on several art-related projects. I have been working on a painting series called “San Francisco to New York”, which began with a Detroit Skyline I painted for myself as a homage to my new life in the United States, which could have ended fast at that time. Over time, I came back to painting cityscapes on a regular basis and have already finished several, which now comprise these color infused cityscape series through the United States. I also enjoy painting with alcohol inks and I am completely taken by the art of calligraphy and lettering, so I am practicing whenever I can.

Besides being a creative soul, I am a mom of a super cute girl, a cook, color junkie and yoga and meditation enthusiast.
I have a deep rooted belief that everyone deserves love and respect in their life. My art is a fundamental way of healing from adoption and emotional abuse, fighting for self-love, self-esteem, self pride and self worth. I also want to spread hope and encouragement to others as well encouraging you to practice self-love.
I deeply believe that art can heal and free you from your demons – the artist, who puts his soul, creativity and love into the work and the buyer who admires his unique piece of art every day.

Over the past several years I expressed multiple destructive emotions on canvas. “The Invisible Scar”, “Scattered Life”, “Cyclone of Suicide”, “Explosion”…. In all of these paintings I captured  the real experience of pain, desperation, loneliness or wound. I captured a moment that is now past. The painting remained, though the emotion had passed. It was no longer such a strong emotion it was an object that contained the emotion created in genuine expression. I had not completely moved past it but I realized that I felt better, relieved and somehow more at peace.
Most of the time I focus on “Paining a Beautiful Life” that helps me to stay positive and happy, so my energy and passion follow me like an aura and can be seen and felt by others.

What do I do?
I paint beautiful color-infused cityscapes;
My love for the ocean drives my passion for painting seascapes;
The uniqueness of huge allium flowers makes my heart jump when I create them on canvas; and
My astonishment at how trees survived the forces of nature inspire me to paint a very unique and diverse tree collection.

Why do I paint?
Many people ask me why I paint what I paint. The simple truth is because my heart and my soul need to tell their story – that’s what I bring to every canvas. Depending on what’s going on in my life and how I feel when I start painting, I create something abstract and complex or something inspired by nature, and bring beauty into my studio and on canvas. Art is healing. My mission is to heal myself through art. Art gives me peace, confidence, self-esteem, nourishes my self-love and pride. Painting calms and satisfies me on a deeper personal level. It is my way of cleansing, maybe detoxifying myself from pain, hurt and inner conflict. Color is my drug. It is the drug which heals me from adoption and emotional abuse. I am now painting a beautiful life.

Why do I teach children’s classes?
That’s easy to answer. I want to help others, especially children, to understand what an impact painting and creativity can have on their lives. I want them to start earlier than I did to explore self-love and pride; build their self-esteem; boost their confidence and find a way to unwind and relax. Maybe in the years ahead they’ll remember the feeling they had in class of how soothing it was to escape their busy lives, work on a piece of art and be filled with love, pride, self-esteem and confidence after dedicating time to being creative. Or they just stick to it and continue following a creative habit and find their stress outlet.



Originally self-taught, I studied under award-winning visual artist, Kim Ensch. I expanded my skillset by taking drawing, alcohol ink, and pastel art classes from various local artists.

I discovered my artistic nature as an adult. As soon as I picked up a brush, my life began to transform: I became hungry for color, eager to express myself, and passionate about sharing my story on canvas. I surprised myself as a voracious artist. When I look at my color-infused paintings, my heart starts beating faster, I get excited and my vision comes to life.

My art exhibits and shows include the Northville Art House and Starring “The Gallery,” both of which are located in Northville, Michigan. I was a featured artist at Starring “The Gallery” in February 2016. Since my debut, my works have garnered the attention of art enthusiasts worldwide. Art collectors in many states including Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Florida, have made my artwork part of their collections. Many of my paintings are featured in a number of international collections, from Germany to Australia.

My modern art is original, inspired by emotions and my love for vibrant, energetic colors. It is shaped by materials, textures and techniques and is created to evoke happiness. In my work, I explore the mysteries in land and sea, abstract phenomenon, and the beauty of flora and fauna. My abstract style and drive for brilliant colors unite my diverse pieces.

The Story behind my Art and the Butterfly in my Logo:

Painful scars, adoption, emotional abuse – a little child – colorful, happy, and carefree, like an innocent butterfly…

What if, at one time, you were a beautiful butterfly?
A butterfly of the brightest of colors, always free. A butterfly with a colorful new life, darting about and ready to discover, love, and enjoy life. Can you imagine yourself as this butterfly? Do you feel wonder and joy in seeing a butterfly spread its wings and flirt in the sunshine from flower to flower? Can you connect with the innocence and the peace this butterfly brings?

What if you hadn’t seen this special butterfly in many years and then when you finally did, you realized this same butterfly could no longer spread its wings and fly?
Its wings have been cut, and it can no longer take flight. Blackness covers the once-so-beautiful bright colors that glorify its wings. One moment the blackness is opaque, and the next moment it is transparent—but you can be sure it is the same butterfly. It has its original color, but something took possession of it. The blackness is stronger than the colors. The butterfly is downcast, confused, sluggish, hurt, and in pain; it grieves, it is heartbroken, and it is broken.

Now you wonder…

What happened to this beautiful, innocent butterfly? What took away its will, its bright colors, and its beauty? Its innocence.
If you are curious to learn more about the story, the story behind my butterfly painting and my art, sign up for my newsletter!

I Believe

Art is healing. I have been dealing with my past through art. The process of creating expressive art, as well as the finished piece, help to work through physical and emotional pain.

Experiencing Art, painting, drawing, writing on a regular basis builds self-love, self-esteem and self-worth.

When you choose the right original piece of art for your prefered space it changes the atmosphere of your room completely and has an effect on your mood.

Art can be life changing and healing for the artist and for the buyer if the artist puts his/her soul, creativity and love into the work. It is then called energizing magic.

Artist Statement

Acrylic Painting is my storytelling medium. Using brushstrokes and paint instead of words and phrases, I craft a visual narrative on canvas for my audience to explore. Each piece of art I make is created to put a smile on my and your face and to tell my story using a canvas, paint and my creativity.

What I need most in my life is color. I need color as I do need air to breathe, water to drink and food to eat. Color helps me to balance my depression, thoughts and feelings. Colors are uplifting and help me to focus more on the bright side of life. When I look at my color infused paintings my heart starts beating faster, I feel how something inside of me gets excited and comes to life – Colors really touch my soul.

I chose my slogan, “Painting a beautiful Life,” because art helped me to step out of the darkness I lived in for years before I found my passion. It encourages me to leave my comfort zone, heal and appreciate the beauty of life. Art is stronger than the fear I live with. Each new canvas is a clean slate, an opportunity to paint brilliance and happiness. I am now painting a beautiful life and I am here to share my story through art.

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