My Team

Elina VanNatta – Brand and Business Strategist

Branding and Marketing Strategist
Elina VanNatta is the Founder and President at Creative Shock Marketing ( and is responsible for brand and marketing strategy at Jasmin’s Art Studio. When not busy branding, marketing and writing copy, Lina enjoys spending time with her family, hiking, exploring, trying new flavors of coffee and playing guitar.

Cassandra Ortiz – Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistant
Cassandra Ortiz is the administrative assistant for Jasmin’s Art Studio specializing in website design. She is finishing her bachelors degree with plans to start her own graphic design and photography business shortly after. Cassandra is a small town native but loves to travel and chase adventures (and coffee shops) across the country.


Kathy Ruffini-Piccone – Pastel, Acrylic, Art History

Passionate Artist and Instructor
Art had always been a driving force in my life. Teaching Art is a passion of mine. My goal is to help every student whatever their level to unlock their potential and develop their skills. I absolutely love to see a student gain confidence and see their art “take off”.
I have worked with the DIA, Northville Public Schools, and the Northville Art House.

Sophie – My Sunshine

Biggest Fan and Creative Soulmate
Cute Love Bug, child artist and excellent tennis player – a very active and intelligent girl. Grows up bilingual and is 6 years old. Paints with her mom in the studio, loves watercolor, acrylic paint and markers as well as crafting.

Ingrid Frankovics: Photographer

Professional Photographer, about to launch her own business, Ingrid Frankovics does photography for Jasmin’s Art Studio and is originally from Germany, now living in Novi, Michigan. Specializing in newborn and family photography as well as event-photography – Christmas Parties, Charity Events and Cooking Classes! She loves photos that show emotions and capture moments to remember.

Kim Ensch – Mixed Media, Paper Collage

Visual Artist – Transforming paint, paper, fiber and wax into works of art
Kim Ensch has spent many years studying fine art, drawing, and painting. Currently her focus is surface design, creating art that is textural and absorbing using paper/fiber.  Her home-based art studio is located in Van Buren Township, in southeastern Michigan where she, in addition to creating her work, offers private and group instruction.  As an award-winning visual artist, Kim has shown her work in jury competitions, group shows, studio tours and gallery exhibitions.

Martin – my husband

Shipping, Handling, Delivery Specialist
As an Engineer he  is almost predistined for the job. Martin is solid as a rock, therefore he plays a very important role at Jasmin’s Art Studio. He is a handsome husband and a supportive, loving and caring men. He is a brilliant director of engineering and is the reason why his family found a new home in Michigan, USA.


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