“Ingrain” 40 x 30 – Dark Tree Painting on Canvas by Jasmin Langsch

$600.00 (price excluding tax)


“Ingrain” 40 x 30 – Dark Tree Painting on Canvas by Jasmin Langsch

“Ingrain” is an original dark tree painting on canvas. It is an original and 100% hand-made. Quality varnish has been applied, so it protects your painting’s surface against sunlight and dust damage.

SIZE: 40″ x 30″
MEDIUM: Acrylic on Gallery Canvas
MATERIAL: Canvas, Acrylic Paint
TECHNIQUE: Brush, Sponge
COLORS: Blue, Black, Violet, Red, Yellow, White, Grey, Green, Magenta

This painting is about finding balance in life. Trees are balanced by the roots, the stem and the branches. The most important part is the roots. Same as a tree doesn’t grow without healthy roots, people need to have roots as well, to know their own identity. Only when you know who you are and where you are coming from, you can grow stronger and stronger. Then you are able to go out and live your life, you can enjoy life. You are able to discover the world without hesitation and fear.
The tree in this painting symbolizes strength, the tree is rooted and starts to grow its branches, which symbolizes going out and discovering life. The background represents the individual steps of growing and that sometimes you go a step back in order to take the next, even more important step.

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The sides of the canvas are painted so it can be hung without a frame. The painting is wired for easy display.
A Certificate of Authenticity is provided.
Please note that the photos are not to scale. Please refer to the actual size in this listing

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