Deposit Commissioned Acrylic Artwork 30 x 15

$56.25 (price excluding tax)


Deposit for Commissioned Acrylic Artwork:

This is the non-refundable 25 % deposit needed to start a commissioned acrylic artwork project. Please make sure that you are paying the deposit for the right size canvas. If you are unsure what size you want, please contact me. Once I receive your deposit, I will email you to discuss your project in detail.

Payment Schedule:

Fee/Selling price for the artwork will be calculated as specified below. Payments are required according to the following schedule:
a. Non-refundable Materials Fee of 25% of the selling price is due once the Collector and Artist agree on the general composition, color scheme and final dimensions of the artwork, and before Production of the final artwork begins.
b. Payment in full: the remaining 75% of the selling price is due upon receipt of the finished artwork and before shipping.


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